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Hello, I'm Michelle! I am a teacher, a coach, and a guide.  I dedicate my life to learning, healing, and growing so that I am able to guide you through your awakening, healing, and ascension into a life in alignment.  Are you ready to do the work to heal?

Hello, I'm Michelle!

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My Patreon Community is the best place to be. Consider it the gym for your soul. This is where we go to do the work we need to do to heal. With your Membership you will unlock so much content with more coming out every week.

My Teachings

I am a Teacher.

I teach people how to heal.

My lessons live in my Patreon Community.

Healing is a lifelong journey and I have created this community so that you can continue to learn long-term.

When it comes to healing, there is no such thing as a quick fix. You must be dedicated to the learning process. This is a community for you and others who are doing the work to come together, learn, heal, grow, and change the world.

With your Membership you will unlock so much content with more coming out regularly. Content includes: healing discussions, collective healing sessions, energy readings, guided meditations, meditation experiences, movement experiences, expert interviews, and more!

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If you're ready to dive deeper and take your healing to the next level, my self-paced courses are for you.  Complete Alignment is a 4 part course series. Currently, Awareness (part one of the series) is available. Click the link below to learn more!

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If you're ready to dive deeper and take your healing to the next level, my Awareness Program is for you.

With your Awareness Program you gain access to The Six Pillar MasterClass in addition to the exclusive Complete Alignment Community, plus bonus discussions, meditation experiences, and more!

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The best option to take a deep dive into your healing journey is to book a one-on-one session with me.

I offer donation based Shamanic Healing Sessions that are unique to YOU and what YOU need. I use my skills as a Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Life/Wellness/Spirituality Coach, Chakra Specialist, and more to guide you through a unique and powerful session.

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(Group sessions also available!)


What people are saying about working with me:

A few months ago, I was dissolved in a puddle of tears and anxiety. I knew I needed some major life changes to get back to the happy, confident, carefree person I used to be. I found Michelle - the universe directed me to her and the changes I needed. Through mindfulness, conversations, reiki, tracking my daily habits, reflection, and journaling - through Michelle’s program and friendship and love - I am a completely different person. The community she creates and the mutual support therein as we all journey together to our authentic selves, to healing, to alignment and awareness, is so powerful and beautiful. Highly, highly recommend to anyone who struggles with anxiety, depression, weight, addiction - anything. Just an amazing human and amazing platform for healing.

Marilyn P.

Michelle WILL help you change your life. I have changed mine. Her talks and programs are simple. What I mean is, you understand what to do, it is not overwhelming and I always felt a sense of relief that it was okay not to do everything perfect. I 100% recommend this amazing woman. I have witnessed the difference she has made in a lot of people’s lives to live their best life ever!

Stephanie S.

Michelle is such an inspiration and her positive energy is contagious. She teaches you how to look at your life from a new perspective and guides you on how to treat your mind, body and soul with the love and care they deserve. I now have a whole new understanding on what it means to take the time for myself each day, in order to achieve the happiness and fulfilling life that I deserve. Michelle is a wonderful teacher and her passion for her students and her work shine through in all that she does. Thank you Michelle for opening my eyes.

Julia W.

Michelle is a compassionate individual that knows how to deal with all personalities. She understands, cares and is thought provoking. If you need support, Michelle is a great resource and highly recommended by many.

Sue S.

Michelle is a great soul. After only a couple of conversations with her I realized different areas of my life I needed to focus on to be the happiest version of myself. I feel very lucky to have met someone who has motivated me & genuinely cares about helping people. I’m looking forward to continuing to grow & learn more about myself made possible by the help of Michelle.

Blake R.

This woman has inspired me incredibly. I’ve learned so much and I’ve been able to heal and overcome many things. I’m so blessed and grateful for her being part of my spiritual journey. Thank you, Michelle.

Maria D.

Michelle's insights and guidance are one of a kind. She will surprise you by helping you in ways you could never dream possible, while giving you the inspiration, support, and encouragement you need to continue on your journey of self care and living the life you've been wishing you could have.

Stephanie C.

Michelle is such a positive, inspirational person. Always there to help and support you through any emotional challenge. She has great ideas and will work with you every step of the way to reach your goals. She is motivational and living proof of what she preaches.

Amanda L.