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I offer two options for one-on-one sessions:

***all sessions are done virtually via Zoom, Facebook Messenger, or FaceTime.

1. 60 minute: Consultation + Integration Reiki Session

  • This session begins with a 40 minute Consultation & Energy Reading followed by a 20 minute Integration and Reiki Session.
  • The consultation is very conversational. I bring all of my skills into this session to uncover what's really going on and what's really causing you pain. We determine anywhere from 1 to 3 chakras that need the most love and healing.
  • Then we move into the 20 minute integration and Reiki session portion of the hour. This part is meditative on your end. I will give you guidance during the consultation on how to get the most out of your integration experience. 

2. 90 minute: Intuitive Healing Reading

  • This session is a 30 minute Consultation followed by a 60 minute immersive Intuitive Healing Reading. 
  • I use my skills as a Intuitive Medium, Healer, Meditation Teacher, Chakra Specialist, Reiki Master, Life/Health/Wellness/Mindfulness/Spirituality Coach and more to guide you through an experience like nothing else.

  • We will dive deep into your energy body and chakras and take big steps forward in your healing journey
  • In your Reading, you will heal and you will be provided with tools to continue your healing for the days after your session.

You do not need to do anything to prepare for either type of session. It is best to come in with an open heart, mind, and no expectations.

Session Package Options: 

  • One Month: option to purchase a package of one of each session for a discounted price
  • Six Month Coaching Program: Receive 2 Sessions per month (one of each) PLUS the Awareness Course

Once you check-out, check your email for the link to schedule your session!