Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions

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This is a one on one Shamanic Healing & Reiki Session that will last from anywhere from 1-2 hours- whatever YOU need.

We will flow with the energy of the session and go wherever it takes us that will be most beneficial for YOU on your healing & ascension journey.

I combine all of my skills, practices, and gifts as a teacher, guide, coach, and healing facilitator to guide you through a session unique to you and your needs- whatever will be most effective to launch you forward on your journey.


***all sessions are done virtually via Zoom, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, or Traditional Phone Call.***


I am so honored to be able to share my gifts with you that I have am now offering all one on one sessions as donation based sessions!

What does this mean?

It means you name your price for a Healing Session with me.


Simply go through the check-out process (you will not pay anything now) and then I will send you a link to schedule your session!

 *** Please make sure the "Keep me up to date on news and offers" box is checked at check out so I am able to contact you!***

After the session, you will be provided with a link where you will be able to donate whatever amount feels right for you based on the session- there is no right or wrong amount. 

Every penny is received with an immense amount of gratitude and love.


***Want to heal in Circle with a group of friends? I am happy to facilitate your group. Group Sessions also available***


I am so excited to offer my gifts to you in this very special way. I cannot wait to connect with you and be a channel for your healing.

You are worthy of healing.
You are worthy of feeling good.
You are worthy of knowing true happiness.
You are worthy of experiencing peace.
You are worthy of love.