Energy Work Workshop

Energy Work Workshop

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Thursday July 22nd @ 7pm EST


Join me for a virtual workshop all about ENERGY WORK.

Life feels really hard when your resisting the flow of energy.

When you're holding onto a lot of energy that is no longer serving you- you're in a lot of pain- physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.

Learning to understand energy and begin working with energy rather than against it in your every day life will change everything for you. 

Learning what the energy in your body is telling you about what you're holding onto will project you lightyears forward in your healing journey.


I've been working with and understanding energy for the last four years. I dedicate my life to the practice of working with energy. It's time for me to share as much of this knowledge with you as I can- this knowledge that has transformed my entire life.


I am a Reiki Master, Healing Specialist, Hypnotherapist, Chakra Specialist, Intuitive Medium with special Psychic Abilities and Shamanic Roots. During this workshop I will share with you how I got started working with and really understanding Universal Life Force Energy and how I use it every minute of every day to create the life of my dreams while also sharing my gifts and knowledge with the world to help the world heal.


Energy Work will change your life if you open up your mind to doing things differently. I'm so excited to share this knowledge and my practices with you to help you transform your life!


We will meet on Zoom at 7pm EST on Thursday July 22, 2021. 

The replay will be available in the Patreon Community


This event is

  • FREE for members of the Complete Alignment group (a perk that comes with the Awareness Program) - use coupon code posted in the group to register!
  • 50% for Patreon Community Members - use coupon code messaged to you to register!
  • $33 for anyone else that would like to join! 


Go through the check-out process here to register for the event.

The Zoom link will be sent to the email address you register with the day of the event!


I can't wait to see you!